Meet Kayah


Toledo, Ohio

Buckeyes First Cohort:

Autumn 2022


Social Work

Other involvements on campus:

I am a social work ambassador for the university

Favorite Thing about being a Buckeyes First Scholar:

My favorite thing about Buckeyes First/ Kessler Scholars is being a mentor! I enjoy getting to connect with other first gen students, and share knowledge I have learned from my time on campus with someone younger experiencing the same thing. The connections I have built, from being a mentor, and just participating in the scholar program have been amazing, we have some pretty great students!

What does being First-Gen mean to you?

Being a first-gen students means overcoming obstacles. I came into college with little knowledge of how it all works and what to expect but slowly through connections and research have overcame many obstacles while being here. I am breaking the generational cycle of not attending college, and becoming a better version of myself every step of the way.

"My first time going ice skating!"