Meet Zebo


Dublin, Ohio

Buckeyes First Cohort:

Autumn 2020

Major and Minor:

Health Sciences with a minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Other involvements on campus:

Student Ambassador for the College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Intern at The Ohio Department of Health, Student Research Assistant for The College of Social Work

Favorite Thing about being a Buckeyes First Scholar:

My favorite thing about being a Buckeyes First member is the endless resources that have been available for me since I've stepped foot at Ohio State! I've always felt like my voice mattered and the opportunities that I have been fortunate to be a part of have been because of my involvement with Buckeyes First. I also find it comforting knowing that there are other students who are going through the same thing as me!

What does being First-Gen mean to you?

To me, being a first generation college student means that I'm not alone! It might feel like I'm going through things alone and this feeling of imposter syndrome would always make its way into my life, but knowing that I have resources and people who want to help me and become the best version of myself in college is something that changed my perspective. I take pride in being a first generation because I know how hard I've worked to make that my identity.

"My first trip with Buck-I-SERV trip to Puerto Rico!"